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With our 20 years of experience we have earned the title "Reliable Schiphol Taxi Company".

Schipholtaxi- has been driving satisfied customers from and to Schiphol for 20 years. The best proof of this is that more than 80 percent of our Schiphol taxi customers book their journeys with us again.

Our collaborations with many travel agencies and many returning business customers also give us the confidence that our service is among the best in the business.

We do everything we can to keep the service level as high as possible. The customers of our affordable Schiphol taxi appreciate this. Just being cheap is one thing, but besides the cheapest Schiphol taxi also offering a high level of service and a high degree of comfortable and pleasant travel.

We are therefore extremely vigilant and take every complaint extremely seriously. 

Do you live in Purmerend or do you need to travel from Schiphol to Purmerend. Then visit the cheap taxi service at and you will be surprised at our competitive prices and our clear way of working.

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To Schiphol by Public Transport or Taxi?

Many people are facing the choice of booking their holiday or trip by taxi or public transport?

Schiphol taxis are often experienced as expensive, while if you calculate it, they are often just cheaper than our expensive public transport in the Netherlands.
In addition, many holiday flights often depart or arrive at obsolete times and there are no public transport options at all.

You can book an extremely reliable Schiphol taxi for only € 125.00 at
We calculate a fixed price for the Schiphol Airport taxi from all over Purmerend and you can determine how you wish to pay online.

Our Schiphol taxi tariffs are the same every day of the year and every hour of the day. At you will never be confronted with strange surprises, as long as you ensure that we do not have to wait for you and the schiphol taxi drives from an address directly to the airport.

If you want to make intermediate stops to pick up other travelers, this is always possible at an additional cost, but this must be discussed in advance.
Only in this way can we offer you a reliable journey for the lowest possible price.

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Parking at Schiphol or travel by taxi?

You probably facing the dilemma ... are we going to Schiphol with our own car or are we taking a Schiphol Taxi?

Did you know that you can book a return for € 125.00 with our economical Schiphol taxi service?
Booking is extremely easy via our website, but you can also book your Schiphol taxi quickly by telephone: 085-0607745
We will be at your doorstep in time for you and will bring you back home with one of our neat Schiphol airport taxis when you return to Schiphol.

Parking your car at Schiphol is usually more expensive if you travel for more than 5 - 7 days.
Of course there are also very affordable parking options, but often you will have to wait a long time after you return to Schiphol. It is more secure to leave your car your car at home. It saves you fuel costs and the risk that something will happen to your vehicle during your holiday is real.

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We bring you quickly to and from Schiphol airport!

Our Schiphol taxis take you quickly to and from Schiphol airport.
Save up to 50% on the taxi fare by booking your Schiphol Taxi online. No unpleasant surprises! At Schiphol Taxi we always work with fixed rates. Quick and completely transparent and therefore no unpleasant surprises.

From Purmerend you can reach the airport in half an hour with our affordable taxi service. Book quickly and easily on and discover that this is the most relaxed way of traveling.
From the moment you lock the door at home, your holiday has started and you leave all the stress at home

The advantages of a Schiphol Taxi from are:

- Only professional taxi drivers
- More than 265,000 satisfied customers
- We will monitor your flight
Schipholtaxi-Purmerend is the best and most affordable taxi from Purmerend to the airport and back.

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You can calculate it yourself

With a simple calculation you will find that your regular taxi to Schiphol will cost € 100.00 each way for a regular company.

The Schiphol taxi from www.schipholtaxi- only costs €65.00 for a single journey or € 125.00 for a return trip. The only condition with our Schiphol taxi is that you book it in advance. Only in this way can we plan as efficiently as possible and keep our priceslow.

At Schiphol taxi-purmerend we almost always have occupied kilometers, while regular taxis usually return empty to Purmerend, we often have people back because of our planning, so that we drive less, save the environment and not unimportantly your wallet.

Our Schiphol taxis are all equipped with a legal on-board computer and all our drivers are certified drivers with the necessary papers. That is why with our reliable Schiphol Taxi service you are always more economical, while the quality is at least the same as with regular taxi companies.
The drivers of our Schiphol taxi help you with your luggage and can often answer questions about the large and complex Schiphol. After returning from your vacation, make direct contact with your Schiphol taxi driver, so you will be on your way home as soon as possible after picking up your luggage.

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Do I have to order a taxi bus or a normal taxi?

A frequently asked question is with customers whether they should order a normal taxi or a bus.

Up to 3 people with normal luggage, a normal taxi is usually fine.

An MPV or Station wagon can be used for 4 people or with different luggage, and in extreme cases or with 5 to 8 people we automatically use a bus.
At Schipholtaxi-Purmerend you always go cheaply to Schiphol. With our Schiphol taxis, we do not make a distinction between a bus or a car in the price.
Most of our competitors do this, which means that we are often the cheapest Schiphol taxi in the taxi bus area.
Our Schiphol taxis run from Purmerend to Schiphol and from Schiphol to Purmerend for a fixed price for the whole of Purmerend. Whether you live in Purmer Noord or Weidevenne, you pay the same low price as all your locals.

Customers who live in surrounding places, such as Middenbeemster, Zuidoostbeemster, Ilpendam, Watergang, Kwadijk etc. etc. can always visit the website of our parent company
There you can request the price directly by using the four digits of your zip code and you can book a cheap Schiphol taxi within two minutes.

If you wish to drive to more than one address to pick up relatives, acquaintances or other travel companions, we will of course charge extra for this, because it costs extra kilometers and time.
But here too we are very transparent. If you call or email us, you will receive a fixed price from us, for which we transport you. With our cheap Schiphol taxi you always know exactly where you stand in advance.

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